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IOVAR - A shell for the web

A free and open shell for the web. IOVAR is a general-purpose collection of Java-based utilities. The IOVAR Web Shell is designed for interfacing with resources on a local network or across the Internet.

The main site for this project is Check back regularly for updates.

SECURITY WARNING: The IOVAR Web Shell is currently in alpha single-user status and runs with the privileges of the Tomcat user. It may not be safe to use.

Get It

Source code is hosted in the Mercurial repositories:

Online Information

Can't find what you're looking for, or perhaps you have something to add? Maybe you just want to stay updated on the latest IOVAR developments. Join us on Google Groups:

Source Documents

Project Status (win.iovar.web)

The shell is currently in alpha status and developed on Linux. It currently will not work on other platforms, though with minor modifications this should be possible.

To reach beta status, the project will:

  • use an open source license (done)
  • have an improved visual interface for shell Interactive mode (/$) (done)
  • parse and substitute environment variables (done)
  • automatically search $PATH when looking for an executable (done)
  • support hash-bang (#!) script execution (done)
  • offer conditional command execution with '&&' and '||' (done)
  • chain I/O between commands with '|' (done), and redirect I/O with '<' and '>' (done)
  • make last command exit code available in '$?' (done)
  • make command arguments available in '$1', '$2', etc. (done)
  • provide /usr/bin/xslt for processing XML data with stylesheets (done)
  • find local (done), res (done), file (done), and http (done) transport handlers installed in /dev/trans (done)
  • have an online mailing list for users/developers (done)
  • be released as a single downloadable archive with default config files
  • build javadocs regularly on the website

To reach 1.0 public status, the project will:

  • include test cases
  • provide a Gentoo ebuild
  • be available as a single WAR distribution
  • include example scripts
  • offer more sophisticated conditional command execution with 'if'/'else'
  • support conditional looping with 'for'
  • track history of typed commands

Shell Parsing / Processing

The shell is (currently) trying to follow a Bash-like syntax and behavior, but this may change. It currently supports the basics, like:

  • command call vs. argument processing w/ white-space removal
  • quoted text, hard (') vs soft (") quotes
  • variables and substitution (${...})
  • statement separator (semicolon or eol)
  • i/o pipe (vertical bar)

More Information

Need more information or want to help? Contact open@… to comment, ask a question or request an account. Contact lannocc on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.