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  • ContributorGuidelines

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     1= Contributor Guidelines =
     3Anyone is welcome to contribute code to this project as long as your contribution fits in with the overall project goals. Even if you are just a beginning programmer, you are welcome to try submitting a bug fix or new feature.
     5'''A mailing list will soon be created for developers to coordinate their efforts.'''
     7Before you begin, you should have a basic understanding of Java syntax and how to use Mercurial for version control. Learn more about Mercurial at [http://mercurial.selenic.com/learn/ Learn Mercurial].
     9If you are only interested in contributing to this Wiki and not actually developing any code then simply send an email to [mailto:open@lannocc.com open@lannocc.com] to request an account.
     11In order to contribute code you should take the following steps:
     131. Download and familiarize yourself with the source code at [http://lannocc.org/iovar/hg]. The main package for the IOVAR Web Shell is ''com.iovar.web''. The project file layout and sub-packages all try to generally follow the [http://www.pathname.com/fhs/ Filesystem Hierarchy Standard], which any Linux user should already be familiar with.
     141. Read and follow the CodingStandards document.
     151. Send an email to [mailto:open@lannocc.com open@lannocc.com] to request a contributor account.