Contributor Guidelines

Anyone is welcome to contribute code to this project as long as your contribution fits in with the overall project goals. Even if you are just a beginning programmer, you are welcome to try submitting a bug fix or new feature.

A mailing list will soon be created for developers to coordinate their efforts.

Before you begin, you should have a basic understanding of Java syntax and how to use Mercurial for version control. Learn more about Mercurial at Learn Mercurial.

If you are only interested in contributing to this Wiki and not actually developing any code then simply send an email to open@… to request an account.

In order to contribute code you should take the following steps:

  1. Download and familiarize yourself with the source code at The main package for the IOVAR Web Shell is com.iovar.web. The project file layout and sub-packages all try to generally follow the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, which any Linux user should already be familiar with.
  2. Read and follow the CodingStandards document.
  3. Send an email to open@… to request a contributor account.
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