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#15 Session handling improvements Sep 22, 2015

#16 mkdir and file: vs. res:, make parent directories Sep 21, 2016

Consider the scenario where a path /foo/bar/ exists in a loaded jar but there is no /foo/ in the project filesystem. In a case like this, a command like mkdir /foo/bar/blah/ will fail. Possibly want an option on the exists command. Need an option on mkdir to create missing parent directories.

#17 Form2XML POST and req.getParameter() Sep 30, 2016

We need to be careful where we use HttpServletRequest.getParameter(), especially in combination with POST form data. This is because Tomcat's servlet API will automatically read the input stream and parse form data as request parameters.

This recently caused issues where idfree Authenticaton was used, due to the Sessions.get() call that then would use getParameter(). That has now been fixed to use Utils.getParams() instead.

Need to find a more robust long-term solution for this.

#18 Recursive/chained ?follow in MySql Nov 13, 2016

Should be fairly trivial but super useful to implement a recursive variation of the MySql? driver ?follow option. Will need a simple way to convey chaining (think about the resulting XML tree as well).

#3 Database driver abstraction Jul 10, 2015

Need to create an API that the database drivers (currently: MySql, PostreSQL) would utilize.

#4 Improved installation Jul 10, 2015

Improve the initial installation process and associated documentation.

Some possible options to offer:

  • JAR
  • WAR
  • Gentoo ebuild
  • Docker container

#7 FIXME's Jul 10, 2015

Go through the code and apply fixes or enter bugs for all occurrences of "FIXME".

#8 Logout Jul 10, 2015

Need proper logout ability.

#10 Logging improvements Jul 10, 2015

Switch to a real logging API (Log4J, etc.), allowing fine-grained control over which classes get logged.

#12 Redirect strategy Jul 18, 2015

Need a good strategy on when redirects are automatically followed and when they are not.

#13 Memory leak Aug 8, 2015

After running for a few days or more we have to restart the servlet container (Tomcat) due to a memory leak, at which point the CPU goes to 100% for a while and Tomcat eventually crashes or is killed.

The first place to look would be the usage of ShellSession? plus any other HttpSession usage. Still finding a high number of shell sessions that aren't getting cleared away.

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#9 Improved exception/error handling Jul 10, 2015

From a high level, need to re-evaluate how exceptions are handled.

#11 Asynchronous I/O and buffers Jul 16, 2015

Need to refactor I/O handling so that less buffers are utilized and output from one process reaches input to the next process ASAP.

#14 Buffering syntax Aug 8, 2015

Need a good syntax for buffering stdin (passed to the script) while doing something else first.

Example: /bin/view wants to transform the view stylesheet first and then use the result of that as the stylesheet that will operate on the xml data passed in...

(Imagining a command named buffer that opens a named buffer (as argument--buffer command returns immediately)


buffer data         # pipes stdin to buffer named "data"
xslt /bin/view.xsl /srv/$VIEW/$MODULE.xsl | buffer view
xslt /dev/buffer/view /dev/buffer/data ?user="$USER" -- $@

alternative/experimental syntax (sugar):


xslt ${ xslt /bin/view.xsl /srv/$VIEW/$MODULE.xsl } ?user="$USER" -- $@

#19 Python integration Apr 10, 2017


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