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#9 Improved exception/error handling Jul 10, 2015

From a high level, need to re-evaluate how exceptions are handled.

#11 Asynchronous I/O and buffers Jul 16, 2015

Need to refactor I/O handling so that less buffers are utilized and output from one process reaches input to the next process ASAP.

#14 Buffering syntax Aug 8, 2015

Need a good syntax for buffering stdin (passed to the script) while doing something else first.

Example: /bin/view wants to transform the view stylesheet first and then use the result of that as the stylesheet that will operate on the xml data passed in...

(Imagining a command named buffer that opens a named buffer (as argument--buffer command returns immediately)


buffer data         # pipes stdin to buffer named "data"
xslt /bin/view.xsl /srv/$VIEW/$MODULE.xsl | buffer view
xslt /dev/buffer/view /dev/buffer/data ?user="$USER" -- $@

alternative/experimental syntax (sugar):


xslt ${ xslt /bin/view.xsl /srv/$VIEW/$MODULE.xsl } ?user="$USER" -- $@

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